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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher


(Not) A lightweight

Grischberla means petite in Franconian. The new Weiherer / Fat Head's GrischBEERla is also a lightweight - but only when it comes to the alcohol, not the taste. 

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Weiherer Beer Culinarium

Our highlight at the beginning of the year: At the Weiherer Beer Culinarium, our two brewers and beer experts Fabian and Peter as well our chef Roland delighted the guests with knowledgable facts about our liquid gold. Our chef Micha and the kitchen team conjured up a truly excellent Franconian four-course menu.

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Weiherer Star for Christmas

On the occasion of the opening of the Advent window in Weiher, we will be presenting the Weiherer Star Christmas beer for the first time on Thursday, 15th December.

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Polish-Franconian partner beer presented

The district of Bamberg and the Polish distrct of Karkonoski (formerly: Jelenia góra) celebrated their 15th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the Mariental brewerey and we created two anniversary beers. The Smoked Baltic Porter and the Pilsner, brewed with Polish and Franconian raw materials, are now ready and have also found their way to Weiher in the form of a few bottles.

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