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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher


Bisher höchste Auszeichnung für Weiherer Bier

Brauerei Kundmüller gewinnt Silbermedaille beim World Beer Cup - weitere Auszeichnungen beim International Craft Beer Award

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The B(r)au Blog part 2

While we continued to work diligently on the bare brickwork, things got unexpectedly exciting when the fermentation tanks were moved and two new horizontal tanks were set up.

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Weiherer Lager Hell with a new look

Exactly 25 years ago, the Kundmüller brewery produced the first Weiherer Lager in bottles. On the occasion of this anniversary, the managing directors of the Kundmüller brewery, Roland and Oswald Kundmüller, decided to give the Weiherer classic a new outfit. From now on, the Lager Hell comes to the customers in the Euro bottle and with an adapted label. The taste remains unchanged, still brewed with the same recipe.

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Steak and Schnitzel weekend

On Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th, the gourmet days will start with a steak weekend. From 11 a.m., the finest steak specialties with the right side dishes and, of course, the dips that go with them await the guests.

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