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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Don’t worry; it’s easy to get to us despite the roadworks in Viereth!

It isn’t absolutely necessary to take the diversion via Tütschengreuth. There is also a route through Viereth to Weiher—take a left after the gas station! Customers/guests are treated as residents.

We’re easy to reach despite the roadworks coming from the motorway/Trunstadt: take the exit to Weiher at the roundabout coming from Trosdorf on the B26: despite dead ends and “no through road” signs, continue straight ahead and then take the signposted diversion—this is open for residents, customers, and guests

for cyclists: either take the diversion or follow the Maintalradweg cycle path to the roundabout and from there head for Weiher

Roadworks in Viereth from 1 April to December

Open for residents, customers, and guests