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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Upcoming Events

28.05.2021 - 31.05.2021


Friday, 28th to Monday 31st: A great selection of lunch platters and Kerwa specialities will be on the menu.

Saturday 29th to Monday 31st: don’t miss savoury roasts from goat, veal and deer, our local Schäuferla (pork shoulder) as well as the typical sweet „Hutkrapfen“ and various cheese and crumble cakes.

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15.10.2021 - 16.10.2021

3 x Bock

Strong and special: we serve you our Weiherer Bock, Weiherer Weizenbock and DoubleBock „Rolator“ on tap.

And from 11 a.m. some culinary treats like: homemade Leberkäs (German meat loaf), Schnitzel brewer´s style, pork knuckles and Roast goat.

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Smoked Bock Beer Tapping

Our Special Brew „Rauchbock" is back on tap and served with tasty smoked pork belly, scarlet runner beans and the original Franconian Schäuferla (pork shoulder)