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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Weiherer Schwaerzla

Our Franconian answer to an English Stout.

A top-fermented beer that pours a deep black with a dense head of creamy color. Fine roasted notes of coffee and dried plums hint at what to expect of the taste: dark chocolate and dried raisins embedded in a lean body with a pleasant bitterness. The aromas of the caramel, roasted and special malts dominate the flavor, while the creamy mouthfeel rounds off the Weiherer Schwärzla.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Specifics: World Beer Award Silver 2021, International Craft Beer Award Gold 2019, International Craft Beer Award Silver 2018, World Beer Award 2017 Gold and Country Winner Germany.

Sold in 0.5 liter EURO bottles and in 10/15/20/30 liter kegs