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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Weiherer Weizenbock

Weiherer Weizenbock: Our special brew no. 1

The Weiherer Weizenbock is a strong wheat beer that pours into a beautiful hazy, radiant amber-colored body. It immediately hits with notes of ripe oranges, banana and caramel. The first sip reveals fine fizzy carbonation that caresses the palate and carries the impression through the nose. Malt and hops lead to a sweet refreshing play of aromas: caramel and lemon, ripe plum and grapefruit. The strength of the Bockbier does the rest and ensures that this beer specialty provides a long-lasting, warming finish.

Alcohol content: 6.8%

Original gravity: 16.4%

Specifics: International Craft Beer Award Gold 2022, First official special brew with new label, brewed with 5 (special) malts and 5 hop types; dry hopped.